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BK Meditation|How to Meditate?

How to meditate? The  Meditation  is performed sitting in the group and concentrating and meditating the “ Supreme Soul ”. They say the soul resides in the  forehead  and a point of bright positive energy. Generally, the meditation is performed while closed eyes but the  brahma kumaris meditate  with open eyes so that they can hold the meditation state anywhere, any time while performing day to day activities. Bk Shivani morning meditation Brahma kumari Shivani share some great thoughts about meditation. She explain each and every merits about meditation. One can listen to the  brahma kumari meditation song  to make meditation state more fascinating. There is no time limitations one can meditate for 5 minutes and also for longer time it depends on him/her. Meditating regularly can make a noticeable shift in the state of mind and the heart. What Brahma Kumaris think about Cycle of Life? They say the  cycle of life  is naturally occurr

BK Shivani Quotes in English

Brahma kumari Shivani Quotes in English

Bk Shivani

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts, So think happy and positive.

"Its true that if you wanted to be happy in your life you have to think positive because positivity brings a good energy in your body which feel great and makes you feel better"

Brahma kumari Shivani Quotes in English 2018

The life that you living now is also a dream of millions. So always be satisfied with your life.

"Many people are not satisfied even after getting everything in their life and they ask for more and hence the demand never finishes Please try to be satisfied in what you have got because many people only dream about that"

Top best Brahma kumari Shivani Quotes in English

Your mind is your best friend if you control it but your mind is your greatest enemy if it controls you.

"Brain is the important part of our body hence we should use it in a proper manner otherwise the result could be very dangerous if you cannot control your mind"

Quotes in English

Solve the problem or leave the problem but do not sleep with the problem.

"Many people do not put effort to solve the problem which they faces in their life hence try to fix the problem as soon as possible otherwise it could ruin your life"

best Quotes in English 2018

Each one is different ,no one is right or wrong. We are just different .Acceptance means we accept the difference.

"Every person has its perspective so the things could be wrong or right according to their perspective hence try to understand the difference of the thoughts"

Rajyogini Shivani Quotes in English

We can save many relation ,if we understand the simple fact that people are not wrong. They are different.

"Every relation could be made better if you understand the fact that people are not wrong it is just their perspective"

Shivani Best quotes

Never cry for the person who hurt you. Just smile and say- Thanks for giving the chance to find someone better than you.

"If someone hurts you it means you have the chance to find someone better who understand you and simply make your life happy"

Shivani positive thoughts

You can bring transformation in others if you have faith in them.

"If you believe in someone you can easily change their attitude towards the life because it very simple to change the perspective of someone who understands you"


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